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Khadija El-Rabti's Articles
The longest-serving consort to a reigning British Monarch in history has been in the public eye for over six decades, side by side with his wife 'Lilibet', as Prince Philip used to call Queen Elizabeth

A recent conference highlighted that religious diversity does not threaten stability but adds to the cultural richness of states, reports Khadija El-Rabti

For the participants of a recent Cairo seminar, impact investing is becoming increasingly mainstream in the world of business, reports Khadija El-Rabti

As the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, more new cases have been confirmed in Europe, writes Khadija El-Rabti

The outbreak in China is rapidly spreading, posing a threat to other countries in an interconnected world

The UK hosted its first ever Africa investment summit on Monday to discuss partnership and investment opportunities across the continent

A decade after the Arab Spring, is history repeating itself in the new wave of uprisings across the Arab world

Khadija El-Rabti talks to UNICEF Regional Director Ted Chaiban about 30 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The US is investing in Egypt as part of its strategy to boost trade and investment in Africa, reports Khadija El-Rabti

Many children in the war-torn Arab countries of Libya, Syria and Yemen have become unable to imagine a world free of daily violence

Daily life for Libyans is an endless struggle, draining an entire generation

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