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Khaled Okasha continues his account of the 1973 October War as seen through the Israeli military documents of the time

Khaled Okasha continues his account of the 1973 October War with the crossing of the Bar Lev Line along the Suez Canal

Egypt’s victory in the 1973 October War was due to years of meticulous preparation, writes Khaled Okasha

As the 50th anniversary of the October 1973 War approaches, how can we make sure that it is properly remembered

Ukraine has turned to drone warfare as it faces mounting challenges in its ongoing conflict with Russia, signaling a shift in tactics that raises questions about the effectiveness of its counteroffensive.

The sudden outbreak of clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli this week has reignited fears for the fragile calm and political process in the country, writes Khaled Okasha

The deteriorating security situation in the African Sahel region underscores the need to re-evaluate the military and security strategies of its countries

An effective international response to the Sudanese refugee crisis is still lacking despite escalating humanitarian needs.

Iran will have to change its strategic philosophy and behaviour if the recent Chinese-brokered agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is to be a success.

A new report from think tank the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies identifies external and internal threats to Israel’s security.

The most recent UN secretary-general’s report on the Islamic State group reminds us that the terrorist threat is still looming, writes Khaled Okasha

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned last week of a war lasting years in Ukraine.

China is funding the construction of a border post on Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan in a development seen as extending its influence in the region, writes Khaled Okasha

Discerning the murky future of Afghanistan is a formidable challenge, especially given how the rush of events complicates the task

What is Ankara seeking to achieve from its attempts at rapprochement with Egypt and why now

The Border Violence Monitoring Network is an independent network of NGOs and associations that monitors human rights violations at the external borders of the EU

Political and ethnic score-settling appears to have pushed Ethiopia to the brink of open civil war

While attention relative to the Libyan conflict focuses on the bifurcation between east and west, the south is ignored despite its festering and growing security challenges, writes Khaled Okasha

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