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World attention will focus on Egypt during the COP27 Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in November, the culmination of years of work on environmental protection and action against climate change.

The establishment of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights was a watershed moment in the protection of human rights in the country, writes Laila Takla

It is time to revisit the wealth of knowledge that our ancient Egyptian ancestors have left us

'The Middle East believes the US should restore its status. I am referring here to two international issues that threaten world peace and security'

After carving up the continent in the 19th century, Europe owes Africa all assistance in its quest for development

Egypt has an honourable history in the advocacy and defence of human rights, unlike some countries that always attack Egypt on its human rights record, writes Laila Takla

The 30 June Revolution brought about positive changes in Egypt that must never be forgotten, writes Laila Takla

While many African women have made important contributions to the continent, too many still suffer from marginalisation and exclusion, suggesting the need for an organisation of African women

It is time to end Syria’s isolation in the Arab world, which did nothing but leave the country and its people hostage to the conflicting interests of foreign powers

In order to guarantee the water resources of the River Nile, regional and international cooperation is necessary to protect them at their source

Women’s dignity and empowerment are not just essential human and family rights, but are also prerequisites for social development

US Vice President Mike Pence is expected to visit Egypt. There are some things he should bear in mind.

Palestine does not need to be established as a state, because it is one already, and has been for millennia