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'Therefore he must not be allowed to put out his hand to take from the Tree of Life also, and thus eat of it and live forever.' (Genesis 3: 22-24)

Having consumed plenty of the sweet stuff of late, feasting, merry-making, vacationing and celebrating, perhaps we should take notice of what they have come up with now

It has been done maliciously, knowingly, indifferently and heartlessly

What is another ancient fruit that Adam and Eve could have found irresistible? Our guess is the date

Controversy continues about is origins — the whens, hows, wheres and whys, but at least science hatched a name for it — Covid-19. Its very sound still makes your heart jump a beat

Man also found other reasons to fast — to mourn the dead or to appease the gods — it just came naturally, as natural as eating, sleeping, laughing, or crying

Recent researchers supervised by the University of Montreal demonstrated that humans’ automatic preference for beauty is driven by an inherent tendency rather than explicit cognitive process

It matters little that this is the first April after a painful year of a pandemic that covered the globe with distress and despair. We long for happiness and we must find it, if not in April, then when?

Hypocrisy is nothing new; it has been with us since the beginning of time, forever scorned, forever present

How can we ignore this miracle of nature? How can we overlook the happiness and energy of a new year, bearing hopes and dreams for man to fulfil?

With the pandemic entering its second year, so many of us are currently experiencing sleeplessness due to the drastic changes in our lifestyles

Today there is a myriad of opportunities for girls and boys to meet — in school, college, work, parties, clubs, etc. Are these outlets not forms of gentle matchmaking, camouflaged by the appropriate environment?

So little is known as to the how, when, where and why, but the virus has claimed the lives of over a million souls and caused pain and suffering to millions more

Is 2020 really gone, or is it reluctant to leave this murky, dark, unintelligible world?

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