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Magda Shaheen's Articles
Egypt must not let the coronavirus crisis derail it from pursuing trade agreements with bilateral and multilateral partners, writes Magda Shahin

After the lacklustre Democratic and Republican Party conventions, how will the debates play out in the run up to November’s US presidential elections

Kenya should keep an eye on the African Continental Free Trade Area while negotiating a free-trade agreement with the US

Egypt needs to be double down on its reform drive, embracing digitalisation to turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity

Negotiating a deeper and more comprehensive free-trade agreement with the European Union is the logical next step from the current Association Agreement

Could the coronavirus pandemic help to bridge the world’s digital divides, asks Magda Shaheen

Egypt should vigorously pursue a free trade agreement with post-Brexit Britain, both to maintain preferential bilateral trade relations and strengthen its position in Africa

It is vital that concerted international action is taken to protect Africa, both from the spread of coronavirus and the fallout of the global economic recession that could follow in its wake, writes Magda Shaheen

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