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Al-Ahram Weekly takes a stroll along Darb Al-Barabra in Historic Cairo and talks to local shop owners about the ups and downs of business.

Al-Ahram Weekly visits Egypt’s first women-only job fair organised last weekend at the Greek Campus in Cairo.

One new Egyptian project is aiming to rid young children of their Internet addiction by substituting more creative activities

Delivery worker Sarah Eid is opening the door for women to work in delivering packages, a typically male job in Egypt.

Forty out of 3.5 million participants in the first round of a reading contest were awarded LE20 million in prize money, Mai Samih reports

A group of artists has been organising courses to help people create using coffee foam, reports Mai Samih

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly furniture and other items to furnish their homes

Al-Ahram Weekly takes a trip back to ancient Egyptian times to find out what the people used to eat

One young Egyptian fashion designer is teaching people with hearing impairment how to design and make their own clothes, reports Mai Samih

Tips from experts for better quality sleep

A group of university students is aiming to help Egyptian young people be more proud of being Egyptian

Mai Samih finds out how it is possible to bounce back from a traumatic experience and lead a more positive life 

A group of young Egyptians are working to correct the false concepts of masculinity proposed by patriarchal society, writes Mai Samih

Al-Ahram Weekly learns how one fresh university graduate in Cairo has been decorating Ramadan dishes for children

Could Egypt be on the way to achieving self-sufficiency in nuts, helping to cut the cost of buying them for consumers in the holy month of Ramadan

What makes children tell lies and what is the best way for parents to deal with them

A national project is installing solar-energy plants in residential areas of Egypt to help households generate their own electricity

A new state-of-the-art school in one of Cairo’s largest informal communities offers a ray of hope in the neighbourhood

Online domestic planting courses help people grow their own food on balconies and rooftops in Cairo

Al-Ahram Weekly talks to a Cairo entrepreneur who has started the country’s first clothing line for people of shorter stature

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