Mai Samih's Articles

Mai Samih talks to schoolchildren who are helping to spread ethical values in their communities

Citizens can now register complaints about unsightly piles of rubbish with the government via phone, website, or WhatsApp

Mai Samih finds out what the Industrial Control Authority is doing to ensure quality control in Egyptian industry

Mai Samih walks through the streets of Cairo to see if people are really saving enough water

Plans are afoot to make the Cairo Tower, an Egyptian landmark, the world’s first intelligent tower using digital technology

Growing international interest in cycling as a form of urban transport has led to the building of free cycle racks and a cycle-sharing system in Cairo

Drilling for the third phase of Cairo’s third metro line began last week

Mai Samih visits Cairo’s largest city centre redevelopment project

Mai Samih examines how a joint initiative between the government and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation will help reuse waste water for urban and agricultural uses

The remains of a dinosaur found in Dakhla Oasis will help scientists better understand the history and climate of Earth more than 100 million years ago