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Al-Ahram Weekly sheds light on plans to renovate Egypt’s oldest zoo

As the price of the precious metal continues to rise, a new initiative is calling for marriages without the traditional gift of gold to brides.

Hend Khalil, an English teacher who lost her sight a few years ago, turned her misfortune into an opportunity and began creating works of art.

A bill combating violence against women is hoped to make its way through parliament, reports Mai Samih

Eco-friendly schools are being built in Aswan, reports Mai Samih

A new survey shows increasing awareness of climate change among Egyptians, but more needs to be done, reports Mai Samih

As Egypt’s chicken feed importers struggle to release imported feed in the ports, the government and experts are offering a helping hand to increase production.

One of the pioneer charities in the field explains eco-friendly palm tree endowment projects to Mai Samih

As videos of the culling of baby chickens go viral on social media amid concerns about the future of the poultry industry in Egypt, al-ahram Weekly asks experts about the reasons and the way out

Mai Samih reports on Turathna (Our Heritage) exhibition

African young people are demanding that their views on climate change be heard,.

The UN World Food Programme showcased Egyptian and international digital solutions to problems of food scarcity at a conference last week.

With divorces in Egypt on the rise, initiatives are underway to help reverse the numbers, reports Mai Samih

More and more Egyptian women are joining the labour market according to statistics, but are there enough to bring about equality?

The German Invest for Employment initiative is focusing on women-centred projects and helping to make them more eligible for funding, reports Mai Samih

More and more women are being trained to start their own businesses in Egypt.

A nutritionist tells Mai Samih how to stay cool during the summer

Mai Samih finds out how to keep skin healthy during the hot summer months

Urban cyclists and commuters are looking forward to using Egypt’s new bike-sharing stations in Cairo.

Projects promoting the growth of forests in Egypt could be the answer for furniture manufacturers and others having to import wood.

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