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Egypt made its case at the 63rd session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, reports Mai Samih

Multiple challenges face fintechs in Egypt, but as a recent event in Cairo revealed there are also many possible solutions

A Cairo initiative has been distributing medicine to the needy after collecting it from those no longer in need

A group of young urban planners wants to make more room for cyclists on the streets of Egypt

There are many ways of thinking you should not adopt if you want to preserve your psychological health, reports Mai Samih

Ahram Weekly looks at how various initiatives have been reusing waste and saving resources in Egypt in 2019

One Cairo grandmother has been teaching her grandchildren and others how to put on traditional puppet shows, as she explained to Mai Samih

A new initiative is equipping young people with the knowledge they need to start their own businesses, reports Mai Samih

Mai Samih chats with passengers as she takes a ride from the newly inaugurated Heliopolis metro station

Mai Samih meets a Cairo artist who is teaching children to appreciate and express themselves through arts and crafts

Many craftsmen in Egypt are developing their skills to meet the increasing needs of middle-class customers

Mai Samih takes a walk down memory lane on the web this Ramadan

Mai Samih attends the first dancing classes in Egypt designed for people with special needs

Mai Samih talks to representatives of the Fund for Drug Control and the Treatment of Addiction about its work on combating drug addiction inside and outside Egypt

A government project is trying to prevent increasing divorce rates

Mai Samih sounds out reactions to the decision to paint Egypt’s plethora of red-brick buildings

Fed up with the bureaucracy and red tape of state services? Mai Samih reports on a new website that rates them

Egypt has set out to end the scourge of the Hepatitis C virus, and it is sharing its experiences with the rest of Africa

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