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As feared, the list of presidential candidates in Iran lacked prominent reformist figures, minorities, or women, reports Manal Lotfy

Iran’s upcoming election will not merely find a successor for Raisi but will also strategically position Tehran for regional transformations, writes Manal Lotfy

Washington has admitted to uncertainty about Israel’s precise intentions in Rafah, reports Manal Lotfy

Controlling the Palestinian side of Rafah and the suspension of work on the pier on the Gaza coast might be connected.

US university students are spearheading demands for cultural and social change as part of their protests against the Israeli war on Gaza.

Israel is doing itself greater damage through its genocidal war on Gaza than can be made up for by any supposed Arab cooperation in defending it against Iran.

Tehran’s response to a possible Israeli attack could lead to unpredictable consequences and reshape the entire region, writes Manal Lotfy

Israel has not complied with ICJ instructions in the war on Gaza in a further affront to the international moral and legal order, UK academic Thomas MacManus tells Al-Ahram Weekly.

While Washington may be seeking an extended war with Russia over Ukraine, this remains an ongoing nightmare for the EU.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented a Disneyland vision of the world at the recent Munich Security Conference.

The president of the most powerful nation on earth has been venting his anger at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in intemperate terms, fuelling speculation about his fitness for office, writes Manal Lotfy

Ambiguous ideas and wishful thinking regarding peace in the Middle East region do not amount to either realpolitik or a morals-based policy.

All of a sudden, as it seems, Washington and European capitals realised the root of Middle East troubles was Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine and the failure to achieve the Oslo promise of a Palestinian state.

With no pressure on Israel, Blinken’s Middle East tour has little to offer to the region.

Despite confrontations between Iranian proxies and Israeli and US forces in the region, no one wants a large-scale Middle Eastern war, least of all Tehran.

From Gaza and Ukraine to China and Iran, the US is spread too thin, writes Manal Lotfy

US President Joe Biden has nowhere to hide as the Israeli war on Gaza destroys what remains of Washington’s credibility in the region.

Tehran and its allies are testing the water with the seizure of an Israeli cargo ship in the Red Sea.

US President Joe Biden’s “unwavering” support for Israel in its war with Hamas in Gaza is probably a safe option for him for now. But it might not last for long.

The support given to Israel by the European countries in its war on Gaza threatens coexistence within Europe itself amid fears of renewed terrorist attacks and a new refugee crisis.

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