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Russia is strengthening its relations with the African countries as Europe comes under pressure owing to the economic effects of the Ukraine war.

This week’s high-stakes summit meeting between Russia, Turkey, and Iran will send important messages to domestic as well as international audiences,

While the economic argument for Iran to return to a nuclear deal with the Western countries is a powerful one, the strategic argument is even more so.

Washington and Tehran have begun indirect nuclear talks in Qatar as hopes of the Gulf Arab countries increasing international supplies of oil have waned.

The Russian-Ukrainian war may be entering its decisive stages, with crucial questions now more than ever dividing the West.

Any failure to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme will likely cause further economic pain to ordinary Iranians and more repression by the regime.

Multiple crises are increasing the tensions between Iran and the West and making a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal increasingly unlikely, writes Manal Lotfy

Iran vows revenge after the assassination of a senior officer in the Quds Force.

The Russia-Ukraine war is proving to be an epoch-making event in creating new geopolitical fault lines in Europe.

The European Union is struggling to preserve its unity in the face of the war in Ukraine, writes Manal Lotfy

The outbreak of World War III and the use of nuclear weapons is now a “real danger” as a result of the escalation of the war in Ukraine, Moscow warned this week

The outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be decided on the eastern front amid fears of a long war of attrition.

Russia has shifted its focus to a make-or-break battle for Eastern Ukraine, while Europe is pessimistic about a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Without de-escalation in the region, negotiations on the nuclear deal with Iran are unlikely to succeed, writes Al-Ahram Weekly

Talks took place in Istanbul this week between representatives of Russia and Ukraine, but there may be little chance of an early end to the conflict in Ukraine.

Changes in regional dynamics have put pressure on the talks between Tehran and the world powers over the Iran nuclear deal.

Throwing the China card is a game-changer for global geopolitics.

The strategic and economic repercussions of the Ukraine crisis have caused a rift among allies.

In using the military option to achieve his goals in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not achieve the win he hopes for

Moscow ordered troops into Ukraine earlier this week in support of areas in the east of the country and giving rise to immediate Western sanctions.

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