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The proposed UK ban on the Palestinian group Hamas will not serve the peace process or reduce anti-Semitism, writes Manal Lotfy

There were signs of disunity at the climate summit and lofty declarations made there will not be legally binding, reports Manal Lotfy

The positive vibes in Riyadh and Tehran about improving their relations are not just good news for Saudi Arabia and Iran, but also for Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. That the mood music should be heard over such a vast area is testimony to how, over the last four decades, the Saudi-Iranian relationship has shaped much of the dynamic of the Middle East.

Tehran has labelled the Europeans “passive spectators” as further talks loom in Vienna on restoring the Iran nuclear deal, writes Manal Lotfy

Iran is negotiating with the Biden administration over a return to the nuclear talks, but it still has its eyes on the former Trump presidency

Co-director of the American Cost of War Project Stephanie Savell explains the true cost of the US war on terror in an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly

From triumphalist militarism to realpolitik and miscalculation on an epic scale­­­ — t­he history of the war on terror

Efforts to resume negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal have been complicated by the crisis in Afghanistan

No agreement was reached on Western policy on Afghanistan at a G7 meeting on Tuesday, with NATO allies openly expressing their dismay at US policy

For the Western powers involved in the conflict, losing Afghanistan to the Taliban is more than just losing a war

The West needs Tehran’s cooperation in dealing with the crises afflicting the Middle East, but trust between the two sides is difficult to come by

Any escalation in the Gulf between Iran and Israel threatens to derail the nuclear talks

Incoming Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi needs the sanctions against Tehran to be lifted if he is to have any chance of his policies succeeding

US President Joe Biden’s European tour this week has been dismissed as a triumph of style over substance, with concerns about China waiting in the wings

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with Iran’s preparation for a new president and the revival of the nuclear deal

Many people in Europe are seeing parallels between the Black Lives Matter and the Palestinian Lives Matter Movements, as both revolve around questions of racial justice, discrimination, and police brutality

US officials tour the Middle East as negotiations gather pace

Iran has vowed to take revenge for an episode of 'nuclear terrorism' that could delay its uranium-enrichment programme by nine months

Negotiations between the US and Iran began this week in indirect talks that will be divided into two tracks to help reduce tensions and build confidence

Director-General of the World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tells Al-Ahram Weekly the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a structural crisis in distributing vaccines equitably around the world

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