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US officials tour the Middle East as negotiations gather pace

Iran has vowed to take revenge for an episode of 'nuclear terrorism' that could delay its uranium-enrichment programme by nine months

Negotiations between the US and Iran began this week in indirect talks that will be divided into two tracks to help reduce tensions and build confidence

Director-General of the World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tells Al-Ahram Weekly the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a structural crisis in distributing vaccines equitably around the world

US President Joe Biden is struggling to shape a consistent policy on Saudi Arabia and Iran

There is uneasiness among observers that the internal power struggle in Iran might throw efforts to revive the country’s nuclear deal with the West into chaos, writes Manal Lotfy

After former US president Donald Trump’s acquittal in a second impeachment trial this week, an independent commission is to examine the Capitol Hill riot in January

In a major speech on US foreign policy this week, US President Joe Biden had nothing to say on Israel and Iran

Britain, France, and Germany are growing impatient at US reluctance to immediately return to the nuclear deal with Iran

US President Joe Biden has been faced with his first foreign policy challenges in the shape of US relations with Russia and China

On the eve of the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden this week, former president Donald Trump was still ranting and counting his enemies

With outgoing US President Donald Trump facing impeachment proceedings in Congress this week, there have been fears of violence at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden

Following the UK’s official departure from the EU on 31 December, the country has faced a gloomy start to 2021 with a national lockdown and billions fleeing the city of London

With new US President Joe Biden in the White House, Brexit sorted, and the European Covid-19 recovery budget bigger than the post-War Marshall Plan, 2021 could be a very big year for Europe, writes Manal Lotfy

The trade deal between the UK and the EU intended to regulate British relations with the bloc after 1 January looks likely to stumble at the final hurdle, writes Manal Lotfy in London

Tehran is trapped with few options to respond to the killing of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

US psychologist Dan McAdams, author of The Strange Case of Donald Trump, says the outgoing US president intends to act as president in exile during the upcoming administration

The president-elect has announced his top team, including the first woman to head the US Treasury

President-elect Biden is moving swiftly on forming his agenda and team, despite Trump not conceding the election, writes Manal Lotfy

Biden won, but can American democracy survive another two months of Trump

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