Mohamed Abdel-Baky 's Articles

Syrian opposition spin their wheels in a two-day conference in Cairo to discuss the latest UN transition plan, which on paper may seem weak, but the effort itself is a small power move

Tunisian Islamist leader Rached Al-Ghannouchi visits Cairo to congratulate President Mohamed Morsi, tells Al-Ahram that the success of the Egyptian revolution is a must for stability in the region

Activists wonder whether the regime attacks on Homs and Idlib this weekend will scare Syrians from protesting or spur them onto the streets on the first anniversary of the Syrian revolution

In a year of momentous upheaval across the Arab world, Arab Gulf states appeared to weather the storm, but for how long?

Israel navy halts Canadian and Irish activist vessels 35 miles from Gaza shore, forcing them to divert to Ashdod in Israel where they face questioning by local police and immigration authorities

Israel navy intercepted the pro-Palestinian activists' ships 40 miles before Gaza shore

A TV reporter tells Ahram Online via Twitter that he can see Palestinians welcoming the aid boats and that they haven't been contacted by Israel despite reaching 50 miles from Gaza's shore

Despite some minor technical glitches, international poll monitors laud Tunisia's first free election as 'extraordinary achievement'

Youth movements played an essential part in kick-starting the 25 January uprising, and their role continues to evolve