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Mohamed Abu Shaar reports on the dire situation in Gaza

Mohamed Abu Shaar reports from Gaza on the unfolding of this week’s Palestinian military operations against Israel.

Efforts are continuing to schedule local elections in the Gaza Strip and West Bank after years of disagreements between the Palestinian factions.

The Palestinian factions are stepping up their protests against Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip and Occupied Jerusalem.

Israel has stepped up threats to liquidate leaders of armed Palestinian factions.

Three Israelis were killed in two separate incidents within two days.

Israel is worried about understandings between the US and Iran that recently resulted in an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and the release of frozen funds from Iranian oil revenues.

Israel escalated its military assaults on the West Bank this week, leading to the deaths of three Palestinians, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

Mohamed Abu Shaar keeps up with the protests in Israel

How to respond to military operations against Gaza is just one of the thorny issues leaders of Palestinian factions must tackle in their Cairo meeting scheduled for the end of this month.

There is concern that tensions between Lebanon and Israel will accelerate to a broader military confrontation similar to that of July 2006, argues Mohamed Abu Shaar

At dawn on Monday, the Israeli occupation army launched a military operation in Jenin city and Jenin Refugee Camp in the northern West Bank.

The Israeli army killed at least five Palestinians in a raid on the Jenin Refugee Camp in the north of the West Bank this week.

Israel is set to reoccupy the West Bank, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

In seconds, Israeli missiles turn Palestinian dreams into rubble. The Israeli army’s tactic in all its military operations against Gaza is to demolish homes.

After five days of bombardment of the Gaza Strip, the military onslaught eased on Saturday evening.

The Israeli army continued operations in Gaza and the West Bank targeting Palestinian activists whom Israel claims belong to cells that carried out or planned operations against Israelis, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

One of several Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who had reached a critical condition as a result of their continued hunger strike has died

Hundreds of Israeli settlers continued with their assaults on the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards as part of their celebration of Jewish Passover, which this year coincided with the holy month of Ramadan, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

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