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Palestinians are retaliating against Israel’s unprecedented violence in years, Mohamed Abu Shaar reports from Gaza

What does Netanyahu’s new premiership hold?

The threatened return of Netanyahu to the country’s top political job will lead to new challenges for the Palestinian cause, writes Mohamed Abu Shaar

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, tensions have escalated ahead of the Israeli elections, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

Netanyahu and Lapid are vying for the better position ahead of elections.

The Palestinian group Hamas has been reaching out to Syria and other countries in a bid to improve relations

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the latest developments in the nuclear deal

A three-way alliance is determined to snatch votes from the right-wing bloc led by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel’s upcoming elections.

As the latest Israeli missile strikes on Gaza ended last week as a result of Egyptian mediation, the suffering of its Palestinian residents seems only set to continue, writes Mohamed Abu Shaar

Last week’s Israeli attack on Gaza has made the humanitarian situation in the Strip even more calamitous.

No truce seems able to curb Israel’s history of violence and aggressions against Palestinians, write Mohamed Abu Shaar from Gaza and Ahmed Eleiba from Cairo.

Recent weeks have seen increasing numbers of armed Palestinian operations against the Israeli army in the West Bank.

Israel’s attempts to bring about its economic integration into the region are likely to fail in the face of Arab opposition.

New parliamentary elections have been announced in Israel, potentially putting the country back on the path of government instability, writes Al-Ahram Weekly

Political confusion is reigning in Israel in the build-up to a visit to the region by US President Joe Biden, with the dissolution of the country’s parliament expected within days, reports Mohamed Abu Shaar

Al-Ahram Weekly discusses Abbas’ successor as speculations about his health spark a debate.

Thousands of Israelis participated in the Flag March in the occupied city of Jerusalem, writes Mohamed Abu Shaar, while Palestinians are contemplating how to confront decisions by the Bennett government.

Israel has approved a march that passes through Arab and Muslim neighbourhoods of Occupied Jerusalem and could spark fierce confrontations on the ground.

In killing Shireen Abu Akleh, writes Mohamed Abu Shaar, Israel assassinated the truth

Mohamed Abu Shaar follows US pressure to stop Israeli settlements

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