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Can Chinese influence replace that of the US and Europe in the Arab world?

Even though the US has one of the best democratic systems in the world – albeit for some flaws in practice – it appears that Trump poses an unprecedented threat to established and historically agreed upon democratic practices

Trump made big promises during his election campaign. However, nothing remains of them except what concerns Islam and Muslims

For reasons unknown, Arab official and media circles virtually ignored an important US-Israeli deal that will guarantee Israeli military supremacy until 2028

Opening the doors of the institutions of governance to citizens, especially at the stage of childhood, helps in creating healthy relations between the two sides and is positively reflected on both

Current Republican rhetoric is a great opportunity for terrorists, supported by the fear and discrimination some Muslims in America are being subjected to

The Prophet Mohammed, according to a new study, was the first military general in Islam. Without his military genius, according to its author, Islam would not have survived his death

Will the Iranian and US foreign ministers win the Nobel Peace Prize next year?

Various US academic and economic institutions call for the right of Muslims to celebrate their holidays and allow them to take time off. However, it is still on an unofficial level

A quick glance at the record and changes in bilateral Egyptian-US relations over the past two years renders any dialogue unimportant

Within weeks, the US Secretary of State is to head to Congress to testify on Egypt, which may result in lifting the freeze on military aid to the country

For more than three decades, Egyptian-US relations were governed by a formula drawn out by Mubarak. Despite his departure, neither Washington nor post-revolution Egypt are interested in changing it

As Chuck Hagel departs as Pentagon chief, Egypt has known three heads of the US DoD since the ouster of Mubarak. Yet by all indications, strategic bilateral relations remain unchanged

The US administration aimed to stay neutral over post-June 2013 developments in Egypt, but it ultimately failed

The desire of Egypt's new regime to uphold long-established formulas in US-Egyptian strategic relations is likely what got El-Sisi a meeting with Obama

Arabs should take advantage of an apparent reduction in support for Israel in the United States to bring about changes in foreign policy

Arab elites, the US and Israel work together to oppose democracy in the Arab world and denigrate the Palestinian resistance

The improvement in the Egyptian-American relations has nothing to do with public relations efforts

The US is ready to deal with whoever is in Egypt's presidential palace, as the events in the run-up to Mohamed Morsi's ouster have shown

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