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In the wake of huge protests against President Morsi on 30 June, observers are left with one question: What comes next?

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Anne Patterson's recent activities, including meetings with senior Brotherhood figures, raise questions, but these should not be exaggerated, as the non-Islamist opposition is wont to do

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Currently facing a host of grave foreign-policy challenges, Egypt must make its strategic regional interests a priority – irrespective of who calls the shots in Cairo

Although Egyptian-US relations have witnessed ups and downs in the last four decades, Washington has never cut off aid to Egypt, and likely never would

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The writer compares the mental image and status that garbage collectors have in Egypt and in other countries

The US has not appeared to welcome a visit by Egypt's President Morsi to Washington. A trip to the US capital, however, hardly lends any additional legitimacy to a freely-elected head of state

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The stream of political visits by Egyptians to Washington share the same flaw: an inability to understand the dynamics and goals of US foreign policy making on Egypt

Google’s recognition of Palestine is a step forward on the road to creating a state, as shown by Israel's furious response

It is easy to start a revolution via information technology, but it is difficult to build real institutions using the same means, says Google boss Eric Schmidt

On their first visit to Washington, how will Egypt's Salafists present themselves, especially on issues like democracy, women and Copts?

A 1952 tribute to slain Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan El-Banna by prominent Christian government official Makram Ebeid Pacha speaks to a bygone age of Egyptian national unity

The new government must announce its position regarding cooperating with the CIA and torturing suspects on behalf of the US

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