Mohamed Nosseir's Articles

New policies are needed to stimulate the private sector in Egypt, allowing it to present new business initiatives endorsed with specific deliverables

We need to understand our religion better and to practise it correctly if we are truly to be able to claim to live in a properly spiritual society, writes Mohamed Nosseir

Much of the US media continues to attack US President Donald Trump, seemingly forgetting that he has a good chance of being re-elected in the next presidential elections, writes Mohamed Nosseir

The state should aim to encourage our young people to propose solutions to the country’s problems and help to mentor their ideas

Despite the claims of the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a world of difference between the German Christian Democrats and the Egyptian Political Islamists

Egypt needs to tackle its socio-economic challenges by stimulating people to work more and to be more productive

The government should transfer responsibility for commuting to the workforce and employers in the interest of reducing fuel consumption and advancing productivity

Waves of uprising in the last 30 months of the history of Egyptians have rid their country of a number of toxins, but a New Egypt will take new leaders, and these have yet to emerge

Whereas a true understanding of each was sorely needed, democracy and Islam suffered at the hands of political factions, and principally the ruling military, after the January 25 Revolution

Amid illiteracy and poverty, even with revolution, Egypt will never change from the bottom up. Top-down change is what the country needs