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Okasha, a fertile author and a controversial former culture minister who pioneered many of Egypt's modern culture institutions during the Nasserite era, died at 91 on Monday

The birthday of historical traveller Ibn Battuta is marked today by a Google Doodle on the search engine's homepage in Arab countries

Revived left-wing magazine Al-Talia is aimed at newly-politicised youth

Saied Tawfik named secretary-general of Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture following resignation last week of Camellia Sobhy

State-owned National Centre for Translation censors book criticising religion; critics fear growing attacks on freedom of expression

Exponential demographic growth is something Egypt can no longer afford, strategically and literally, says former post-revolution finance minister

A new book profiles 37 of the late Muammar Gaddafi's closest allies, told from the personal experience of a man who spent nearly four decades inside the regime

Novelist sacked from position as head of manuscripts centre for publishing newspaper article accusing library's director of corruption

Writers from the ‘borders’ argue that the category of ‘border literature’ entrenches the very divisions that need to be bridged, with Cairo remaining the centre of Egypt’s cultural life

Saleh’s ‘Walking on One Leg’ tries to uncover the social motivations that led Syrians to revolt

The annual fair, which was cancelled in 2011 because of the uprising against Mubarak, will commemorate the first year of the January 25 Revolution

The Tunisian programme will features poets, writers and singers from the revolutionary town of Sidi Bouzid

Zein Abdel-Hadi, chief of the Egyptian National Library, calls for investigation into alleged smuggling of Mahfouz archive to London

Culture minister confirms book fair's schedule, which will now open on 22 January and close during revolution's anniversary

Activists and publishers are concerned that postponing the fair to February will impact the publishing industry

Of the twenty truckloads of manuscripts rescued from the burnt out Scientific Institute, only one quarter were in a state to be restored, including eight of the 24 volumes of the historic text

Library/archives director Abdel Wahed El-Nabawy says he lacks materials needed to restore manuscripts damaged in last week's fire

Experienced literature professor Camilia Sobhy, who received a French knighthood for Art and Culture, is to oversee the council's reshuffle

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