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Egypt’s pensioners are on their way to receiving money owed to them by the government

The government has been aiming to contain the social costs of the economic reform programme it embarked on three years ago throughout 2019

Holders of Suez Canal investment certificates have received their money back with interest

A new system to buy short-staple cotton from farmers by auction is being introduced in the Fayoum and Beni Sweif governorates, writes Mona El-Fiqi

Egypt’s Decent life Initiative came into the limelight during last week’s Youth Conference, with President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi asking for all planned villages to be included this year, reports Mona El-Fiqi

A new export support mechanism is in place but delayed payments to exporters remains a problem

A bundle of measures was introduced this month to help employees and pensioners deal with the fallout from the current round of fuel subsidy cuts, reports Mona El-Fiqi

Comprehensive plans to develop the public-sector spinning and weaving companies are underway

Steel producers and the government are at loggerheads over a decree imposing customs duties on some steel imports

A recent decision imposing temporary tariffs on imported semi-finished steel products has received mixed reactions

Mona El-Fiqi discovers the rationale behind the government’s decision to increase the amount of land growing rice

The second phase of rationalising Egypt’s database of ration-card beneficiaries will take place in March, Minister of Supplies and Internal Trade Ali Moselhi said earlier this week

The government is looking for alternatives to its present dysfunctional export-subsidies programme

The government is on track in efforts to restructure and develop Egypt’s battered state-owned companies

Saudi Arabia has banned Egyptian onion imports, citing high levels of pesticides; some industry operators say more attention should be paid to picking and packing procedures with a view to promoting quality control

Five years after a court order nullified its privatisation, the fate of the Nile Cotton Ginning Company remains in limbo

Recent promises may end a two-year delay in the release of vital export subsidies to Egypt’s exporters

Egypt jumped eight spots in the World Bank Group’s Doing Business Report for 2019

Further plans are afoot to revive Egypt’s battered public-sector companies

On Thursday, the finance ministry extended the deadline to pay the real estate tax from 15 Aug to 15 Oct to alleviate crowding at tax offices. This Ahram Weekly report was published a day before the extension was announced

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