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The 'mother' figure in Egyptian cinema and theatre leaves behind performances many consider unforgettable

50 CEOs of China's largest companies discuss larger investments in the Egypt, saying 'the country's market is large and ripe for growth'

Egypt's population has risen by 17.3 million since 2006; a 23.7 percent increase

A festival on Saturday will celebrate the crop that ticks all the boxes for food with maximum nutrition

The Egyptian president also approved the building of a new Coptic church in New Cairo

The Oscars' Foreign Language Film Award Committee will select the final films to compete in next year's competition

Reports have emerged that Tuesday's English language test was leaked 10 minutes into the start of the exam

The assailants, who reportedly ambushed the policemen during a routine patrol, are still at large

Stormy weather is to hit Egypt starting Sunday

As rain-drainage system fails millions in Egypt's second largest city and leaves five dead, government opens investigations to determine culprits of another disastrous storm season

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