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In the absence of church services and family visits, Copts found other ways to mark Easter, writes Nada Zaki

Families of coronavirus patients and doctors who treat those who have caught the disease are becoming victims of people’s fears and anxieties

Five million Egyptian daily workers are struggling to make ends meet amid the repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis

The government wants Egyptians to practise social distancing and stay home. Al-Ahram Weekly looks at how the two are working

November saw four Black Friday shopping days in Egypt

Parliament’s Agricultural Committee met on Monday to discuss ways to deal with Egypt’s 15 million stray dogs, reports Nada Zaki

Comprting against 36 teams from across the world, Egypt’s Enactus team from Cairo University was awarded first place in this year’s Enactus World Cup

Seven of Alexandria’s beaches — five private and two public — have been given a facelift

A new law would bring beneficiaries of cash subsidies under one umbrella, reports Nada Zaki

Egypt has one of the fastest-growing rates of population growth worldwide, with another 60 million people expected by 2050, according to a UN report

Cairenes pay less than the residents of 55 other major cities worldwide to go out on dates, rent a flat, or fill their cars, according to a recent report by Deutsche Bank

While malls were packed with shoppers, most could not afford the supposed bargains

Nine bloggers on a mission to explore the truth about Egypt

Nada Zaki reports on the implementation of the government’s newly reformed education system

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