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There are ways to transfer Egypt from relying on borrowed money from abroad, to establishing an economy based on knowledge

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The serious shortcomings of the current government may prompt the masses to launch a third wave of the great revolution of the Egyptian people

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Reconciliation with the so-called Islamist Right is tantamount to aborting the map of the future, borne of the second wave of the people’s revolution, and turning back the clock

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Two years after the revolution, the political Islamist regime maintains limited freedoms and rights against the will of the people so as not to lose its present powers

Only the Egyptian people can bestow political legitimacy on the nation's rulers - and only the people can take it away

Individual freedom is supported by, and perhaps only possible within, a context of national sovereignty and independence, particularly from foreign interference and occupation

There is nothing within Islam to justify the unequal enjoyment of rights — including to right to hold public office — by women

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