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Nahed Nasr profiles the American-British filmmaker Margaret Glover, who co-wrote and co-produced the Iraqi film Hanging Gardens

Nahed Nasr enjoyed the season’s theatrical sensation

Nahed Nasr made the rounds of the Cairo International Book Fair

Nahed Nasr celebrates the work of Saudi filmmakers

Nahed Nasr sought out Kaouther Ben Hania

Back from the second Red Sea International Film Festival, Nahed Nasr has more to report.

Nahed Nasr reports from the second Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah

Fresh from the Cairo International Festival, Nahed Nasr celebrates four short films from Egypt

Nahed Nasr talks to visual anthropologist Farah Hallaba about the background to her recent exhibition on Egyptian migration to the Gulf

The 44th Cairo International Film Festival has a new president and director.

Three years into supporting Saudi and Arab film projects, what has the Red Sea Film Festival achieved? Nahed Nasr spoke to Antoine Khalife, the festival’s Arab Programme director.

Nahed Nasr found out about an exciting new all-female band

Nahed Nasr sums up the first nine months of the Between Women Filmmakers Caravan initiative Carte Blanche

Nahed Nasr met Shahinaz Al-Akkad, Egypt’s new star producer

Seven years after the renowned filmmaker Mohamed Khan passed away, Nahed Nasr reviews the landscape of Egyptian cinema as he saw it when he started out

Nahed Nasr profiles Palestinian filmmaker Layaly Badr

To celebrate the award of the Nile Art Prize to Dawoud Abdel-Sayed, Al-Ahram Weekly reviews the filmmaker’s remarkable contribution.

Al-Ahram Weekly provides a short history of Egyptian films at Cannes.

Says Who? was among this year’s most popular Ramadan TV shows. Al-Ahram Weekly spoke to its director Nadine Khan

Al-Ahram Weekly delves deep into Ramadan TV advertising.

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