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The global community is united in its condemnation of terrorism, but strategic cooperation and critical analysis is needed to win the battle against violent extremism

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The Turkish president has only himself to blame for his country’s sad state of affairs

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Beyond the dangers of arriving to safety, refugees face ongoing challenges that can come to define their lives, centred around their integration into, or alienation from, their new host societies

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Before advocating a ban of Islamists, non-Islamists need to heal their internal rifts to gain more support among conservative Egyptians

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A change in Egypt’s political and economic discourse needs a proactive opposition, not a few late, sarcastic voices on social media

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Following a historic deal with theocratic Iran, President Obama might go down in the history books as the man who embraced the enemies of liberalism in the Middle East

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The defeat of Islamic State needs the simple recognition that all of us have a stake in the battle against it

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Calls for a 'take off the veil' rally in Cairo are not the way to improve religious tolerance in Egypt

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