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Head of the Press Syndicate says he disagrees with a decision to ban funeral photos.

Spring can't seem to be found in Egypt

This week Al-Azhar Mosque celebrates its 1,084th anniversary, reports Nesmahar Sayed

Female preachers are being trained on how to deal with the media, reports Nesmahar Sayed

Will Egypt’s manufacturing sector be able to scale up production to meet growing demand, ask Niveen Wahish and Nesmahar Sayed

Placing the water issue at the forefront of global climate action was at the heart of discussions during Cairo Water Week 2023, reports Nesmahar Sayed

More international applied technology schools will be educating Egyptian students in the upcoming academic year.

Dust storms will return to Egypt.

Nesmahar Sayed takes a walk among Maadi’s greenery with Egypt’s Tree Lovers Association

Ambassador Nasser Kamel, the secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), spoke to Ahram Online about the recently launched Mediterranean Initiative, which aims to boost cooperation on research and innovation between north and south Mediterranean, including Egypt.

Nesmahar Sayed reports on efforts to keep Cairo’s Children’s Cancer Hospital up and running

News that a new garage will be built in the residential neighbourhood of Zamalek took residents by surprise.

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on a record-breaking Egyptian motorcyclist aiming to raise awareness of climate change.

Nesmahar Sayed attended a child-centred festival on climate

An initiative to encourage couples to save on marriage expenses to cope with the rising cost of living was recently launched by Al-Azhar.

Nesmahar Sayed interviews Ibrahim Negm, chairman of the Salam Centre for Extremism Studies, on efforts to combat terrorism.

Nesmahar Sayed quizzes acting coaches on their stories

FDCTA testing of school drivers continues for early detection of drug abuse

The first treatment and rehabilitation centre built by recovered addicts was handed over before its inauguration in Qena governorate.

Egypt presents its experience in reducing demand on drugs amid international praise from country representatives and the UN

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