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Nesmahar Sayed's Articles
Al Ahram Weekly reports on a competition designed to encourage agricultural efficiency, productivity, and sustainability

The safe reuse of wastewater was high on the agenda of a recent workshop

An AUC anti-harassment event highlights new measures to deal with the problem

Zamalek residents are handling the fate of their district through social dialogue

The 10-day exhibition is promoting a variety of hand-made Egyptian products, reports Al-Ahram Weekly

Social media is increasingly being used to communicate complaints about developments taking place in residential neighbourhoods in Cairo, reports Nesmahar Sayed

Cairenes are demanding greater involvement in the decision-making of development projects that touch their daily lives

As the second phase of Egypt’s Decent Life initiative gears up, what have been the achievements of its first phase?

Zamalek residents voice concerns about Cairo Eye, a new Ferris wheel

Despite discounts reaching up to 70 per cent in this year’s sales, fewer people are buying

Some Cairo residents are determined to stop the cutting down of the capital’s trees

Al-Ahram Weekly hears the stories of Zamalek residents forced to abandon their homes due to structural problems aggravated by ongoing construction on a new underground line

A Saudi government initiative to improve contractual relations between employers and employees will come as a relief to many Egyptians

Egypt’s Madame Curie

Mohamed Farid Khamis (1940-2020)

It is becoming easier for Egypt’s orphaned children to find suitable foster-parents as a result of recent legal amendments

Nesmahar Sayed reports on civil initiatives providing healthy food to those in home quarantine

Egypt’s advertising industry has been another casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic

Nesmahar Sayed takes a tour through the streets of Cairo during the curfew imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Doctors are often on the front line in the war against the coronavirus

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