Osman El Sharnoubi's Articles

The death of the manager of Cafe Riche leaves the fate of the hundred-year-old landmark in the balance

Political parties doubt government’s desire to amend election rules and accuse it of promoting certain candidates

In the 7th anniversary of its inception, the 6 April Youth Movement lay down democratic vision in document

Leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, address Arab League opening session

Egyptian forces fought in North Yemen's eight-year civil war in the 1960s

Leaders of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia announce on Monday from Khartoum a tentative solution to disputes over Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance dam

Twelve people died in Cairo's Matariya district on Monday during clashes between protesters and police; many of its residents say the demonstrators are a minority

TV show set to air expose on alleged gay Cairo bathhouse says it showed 'professionalism' in its coverage, despite backlash over sensationalism

Despite being acquitted of murder and corruption, other laws still exist to implicate toppled president Hosni Mubarak