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Ambassador Beecroft said that 'Egypt can serve as a successful model for other countries in the region'

'We respect the judiciary,' AUC's media relations director told Ahram Online, adding that an official university response would be released later on Sunday

The death of the latest victim raises the death toll in the church bombing to 27

Egyptian officials say that a meeting should be held with their Saudi counterparts to discuss the decision and how to move forward

Medicine manufacturers have complained that the medicine prices need to rise in light of the rise in the dollar

Not everyone who sends their child to an international school or college is rich, say Egyptian parents and students who are worried the depreciation of the Egyptian pound will affect tuition fees

The smart cards are part of a government programme to prevent the leakage of subsidised petroleum products onto the black market and into the hands of smugglers

This is the second time CIB decreases withdrawals and purchases outside the country in 15 days

Ahram Online answers key questions on what is Pokémon Go, how to download it, will it breach your privacy, and was it really banned by an Al-Azhar religious edict

After reconciliation with Russia and Israel, can Turkey and Egypt see an end to the three years of diplomatic tension?

Mothers in Egypt have taken to social media to call for major reform of the country's education system. Ahram Online looks at parents' grievances and officials' reactions

Ahram Online speaks with the EgyptAir flight 181 attendant who ushered passengers calmly under the threat of a hijacker, with a smile and wave goodbye

Egypt’s women rights New Woman Foundation condemned on Monday the sexual assault and beating against a female teacher in Daqahliya governorate by high school students, and called for measures to protect female teachers

Mansour swore that he would respect the 'articles of the constitution,' but not the 'constitution'

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