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President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi declared the year 2016 the "Year of Youth"

A news piece was published in 2014 by the state-owned website accused Ahmed El-Zend of using his post at the time, as the head of the Judges Club, to sell land owned by the club to his relative

The 34-state coalition includes Arab and African countries such as Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, together with other Muslim countries like Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan

Egypt FM Sameh Shoukry said that an agreement should be reached to avoid alternatives 'that might meet resistance from some of the Libyan factions'

The African Union also said the 'legitimacy of the parliament is not affected at all by low turnout'

Egypt's Wafd Party touts its long history in parliament as part of its bid in upcoming elections

Earlier in May, a photo circulated of six puppies brutally murdered and their mother Cleo sitting beside her slain litter in Alexandria

A group of Waft Party dissidents have been publicly criticising party leader El-Sayed El-Badawi

Prosecution is calculating Mubarak's time served; his lawyers say he has already completed the required three years in detention

The ousted president awaits a final verdict in an embezzlement case on Saturday

At least 1,200 Wafd members withdrew confidence in party head El-Sayed El-Badawi Friday; El-Badawi responded by suspending eight of the masterminds behind dissident meeting

Policeman killed and two civilians injured in explosion on Cairo's 15 May Bridge

Leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, address Arab League opening session

Leaders of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia announce on Monday from Khartoum a tentative solution to disputes over Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance dam

An Arab coalition force should be created to enforce stability in Libya, a security expert has told Ahram Online

The party of Shaimaa El-Sabagh, killed 24 January, will boycott upcoming parliamentary elections after a list of its demands have gone unmet

While the taboo around atheism has weakened, state and religious authorities continue to treat it — and atheists — as a disorder, and even a threat to national security

Aide to interior minister says the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood are now facing their 'final struggle' after a security crackdown on their activities

British and Canadian embassies close their doors; Australian embassy issues travel warning to citizens

Alleged audio leaks entail a number of conversations between top military and security leaders discussing how to manipulate the legal status of Mohamed Morsi’s detention

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