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Political parties and movements in Egypt continue their hunger strikes against the protest law even after the release of renowned activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah.

A hunger strike campaign has been launched this week to protest the prolonged detainment of political detainees with no set date for their trials

Member of National Council for Human Rights says that the council has been asked to contribute to changes to controversial protest law

Those outside of prison will join 66 political detainees in a hunger strike that protests "an authority constantly oppressing the youth"

Remarks by former president Hosni Mubarak's defence lawyer that 2011 uprising was an American conspiracy sparks online debate over what exactly happened three years ago

Cairo's street vendors may not be removed as easily as many think

Former defence minister covers a wide range of topics - from the Muslim Brotherhood to his family and upbring

Ahram Online speaks with political movements and parties on why they want the protest law revoked and how they hope to make it happen

Mahinour El-Masry was arrested late on Friday and investigated for having letters from activists in prison, but her case was later dropped and she was released on Saturday

The courts have not been kind to April 6 -- sentencing two of its members to jail this week, with another decision pending regarding a future ban of all activities. But the movement has also been prosecuted in the public.

Ahram Online speaks to experts to find out how three years of political turmoil have marginalised social issues like female genital mutilation (FGM), and how the problem can be solved

Prominent secular activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah has been detained since November 2013 on charges of organising an unauthorised protest

Sentenced in absentia, the party members were arrested ahead of the January constitution referendum while distributing flyers calling for a 'No' vote

April 6 Youth Movement denounces new alleged torture incidents in 6 October central security camp, seeks escalation

The number of swine flu deaths has almost doubled in less than 10 days, with 342 diagnosed with the virus to date

Twitter users have posted self-portraits with their mouths covered in tape, in solidarity with 20 Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt

In the past week authorities have arrested four Strong Egypt Party members for campaigning against the draft constitution, according to the party

Committee votes to lift restrictions on church building, postpones decision on article stipulating 'absolute freedom of belief' for all citizens

Arrest of Brotherhood leadership and police intimidation could explain reduced numbers at Friday's pro-Morsi protests, analysts say

Egypt's political map continues to be redrawn in dramatic ways on Wednesday as the Muslim Brotherhood and its rival Mubarak trade places

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