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Painter Samir Fouad told Rania Khallaf all about his latest exhibition

Rania Khallaf was the art critic in residence at the 16th Luxor International Symposium for Painting

Hakeem Abu Kila told Rania Khallaf all about his last exhibition

The suffering of Palestinians dominated the art scene, writes Rania Khallaf

Rania Khallaf thinks about the collective exhibition at the Arts Palace

Rania Khallaf spoke to the artist Ibrahim Philip about his new exhibition

Rania Khallaf was impressed by a unique display of hidden genius at Ofok Gallery

Ezz Eldin Naguib (1940-2023)

Rania Khallaf attended veteran artist Abdelwahab Abdelmohsen’s latest exhibition

Nostalgia is an overused trope in the Cairo exhibition circle, but in the case of Reda Abdelrahman’s new show at the Yassin Gallery in Zamalek – itself a new space which opened in August last year – the idea works real wonders.

The third part of Nadine Khan’s television series Why Not? was screened earlier this month on the streaming platform Shahid. The trilogy sparked widespread interest in the emotional suffering of single mothers in Egypt, but did it raise awareness of the issue in a way that might actually help such people?

Rania Khallaf enjoyed Nada Mobarak’s new exhibition

Rania Khallaf enjoyed a new exhibition about the human connection to the earth’s crust

A duo exhibition at the Downtown Access Gallery of paintings and drawings by Fatma Abodoma and Agnes Michalczyk reflect on women’s work, inviting the viewer to contemplate the inner world women occupy and the psychological suffering they go through.

Rania Khallaf rediscovers the wonders of photography

Rania Khallaf sought out two woman artists to mark Women’s Day

Rania Khallaf spent a long, happy time with Nazli Madkour

Rania Khallaf sought out photographer Adel Wassily

Rania Khallaf was impressed by photographer Abdelhakeem Mostafa’s exhibition at Gallery Misr

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