Reem Leila's Articles

Dawwie, which encourages girls to talk about societal challenges, has gone to North Sinai, reports Reem Leila

The Ministry of Health and Population is launching a campaign to protect mothers and fetuses, reports Reem Leila

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on a decision to cap increases in school fees

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ayman Ashour recently issued a ministerial decree stating the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University will change to the credit hours system, positioning the faculty as the first government university to allow students to graduate in four years.

Five new technical schools will open to improve the skills of graduates of vocational education.

Students who have passed grade 12 exams are now applying for universities. Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the available alternatives.

Egypt is free of the Covid-19 variant

The World Health Organisation will soon announce that Egypt has become the first country to eliminate Hepatitis C.

Several faculties of medicine in Upper Egypt have seen an unprecedented low percentage of passing grades among freshmen.

More than 260 residents of Al-Aliqat village in Qena governorate have been afflicted with Dengue fever.

Report on Africa Health ExCon, the continent’s largest annual medical conference

The National Council for Women is helping put an end to irregular migration.

More than 1,000 healthcare experts will meet in Cairo to discuss ways to improve health services in Africa.

New measures to stop cheating in grade nine examinations will soon be implemented.

Doctors will receive their university degrees after five years of studying rather than seven, reports Reem Leila

Al Ahram Weekly reports on the fate of Egyptian school and university students returning from Sudan just a few days before the final exams

A new strategy aims to tackle health threats in a comprehensive manner, reports Reem Leila

Japan is offering Egypt assistance to support its Universal Health Insurance System, reports Reem Leila

High school graduates no longer need to apply only to universities nearest to their residences

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