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University graduating students will soon be sitting for their finals

Not all grade 12 students had a safe examining environment during their final exams

On Sunday, 700,000 grade 12 students will sit for their final exams

Reem Leila sees why there is a reported shortage of coronavirus treatment drugs

Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed has announced a new medical protocol for treating Covid-19 patients

The Ministry of Education is working on how to regulate inflated private school tuition

The number of Covid-19 infections among medical personnel in Egyptian hospitals has been rising, with critics pointing to a lack of protective materials

Grade 11 students began their online final-year exams at home with rampant claims of cheating going on

Universities will be completing the current academic year virtually, reports Reem Leila

The Covid-19 policy response is keeping women in focus

Students from grade three to nine are required to work on research papers instead of taking final exams. Al Ahram Weekly looks into the difficulties of moving to the new system

While the school year is suspended, grade 10 students are taking experimental online exams, reports Reem Leila

With schools and universities suspended because of Covid-19, Al-Ahram Weekly reports on how students are keeping up with their studies

The government is escalating its precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus in an attempt to limit its spread, reports Reem Leila

The Ministry of Social Solidarity was there for those affected by last weekend’s rainstorm, reports Reem Leila

With an increasing number of confirmed infections in Egypt, the threat of the new coronavirus came closer to home this week

The annual meeting of the Women’s Economic Forum was a unique networking opportunity for businesswomen from around the world, reports Reem Leila

With only a handful of confirmed COVID-19 cases Egypt remains a low-risk country in terms of the global breakout

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