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In Israel, all the signs indicated there could be extensive protests as many occasions were coming up that would push Israeli and Palestinian extremists to trouble

Saeed Okasha is not impressed with Biden’s record

How will Biden’s administration handle the escalation between Iran and Israel

There are concerns that the unconventional war that has been taking place between Israel and Iran could escalate into direct conflict

The political stalemate is continuing in Israel, with neither Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor his opponents able to form a new government, writes Saeed Okasha

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with the Israeli elections

Tel Aviv prepares for changes in US foreign policy

In threatening to remove outgoing US President Donald Trump from power, the US Democratic Party is going against the principles of democracy

The European Parliament’s recently released report on human rights in Egypt betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the social and political situation in the country

Joe Biden is already falling into the error of his predecessors, in setting forth impossible goals against which he will ultimately be judged

Even if the inauguration of President-elect Biden goes ahead as planned, Donald Trump looks unlikely to give up on his fight against his enemies, Democrats and Republicans alike

Even before Biden enters the White House, Trump is moving to ensure his room for manoeuvrability on foreign policy issues is narrow, writes Saeed Okasha

Will Joe Biden return to regional policies pursued when he was vice president under Obama, disregarding their disastrous outcomes, or have times changed

Regardless of who occupies the White House for the next four years, core Israeli interests appear secured

Could the democratic system in the US be the biggest loser after Americans go to the polls on Tuesday

Out of character, Trump seems to be considering an election loss. But is this a ploy to bring out his vote?

Private e-mails of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton have once again caused controversy. But will the US election see an impact

A hearing session on Egypt in the US House of Representatives reflects the prejudice and rigidity of the liberal camp in Washington

With a reputation for being tough, but a voting record that puts her squarely on the left, Kamala Harris is an enigma who could leave a significant mark on US politics

With Biden not attending the upcoming Democratic Party convention, questions arise over his influence on the party’s election platform

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