Safeya Mounir's Articles

Black Friday offers opportunities for buyers and sellers amid the global and local surge in prices.

The government is raising the price of the wheat it buys from farmers by 13 per cent to encourage them to cultivate more land.

Increases in the price of natural gas will impact Egypt’s industries to varying degrees.

More NGOs are working on Egypt’s Decent Life Initiative to develop rural areas and alleviate poverty, Chair of the Professional Development Foundation Mohamed Farouk Hafeez tells Al-Ahram Weekly

Al-Ahram Weekly sounds out experts on moves to curb the effects of global inflation on the Egyptian market.

This month’s e-Finance share offer will ease the resumption of Egypt’s initial public offers programme, financial experts tell Al-Ahram Weekly.

The pending introduction of a 10 per cent capital gains tax on stock transactions has stirred mixed reactions, reports Safeya Mounir

Egypt has raised $3 billion on the international bond market in its first dollar offering of the 2021-22 fiscal year, reports Safeya Mounir

Egypt can look forward to a promising cotton season, with harvests expected to increase by 30 per cent this year

Al-Ahram Weekly sounds out experts on the decision to introduce the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company as an IPO on the Egyptian Stock Exchange

The price of subsidised bread is slated to increase for the first time in decades

The sky is the limit for Egyptian investors venturing into African markets

CEO of the Shaghalni job-hunting website Omar Khalifa explains trends in the labour market

Localisation and specialisation have become keywords for the development of Egypt’s industrial sector

Inflation is expected to grow in the coming period on the back of increases in the global prices of raw materials and commodities

Al-Ahram Weekly examines how the UK’s decision to add Egypt to its red list will impact the tourism industry

Al-Ahram Weekly consults experts on where individuals can best invest their savings

The government is targeting increasing exports and industrial and agricultural output in a new economic reform programme

The temporary blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship is unlikely to negatively impact Egypt’s economy

The 'New Delta' land project announced this week will help boost Egypt’s agricultural exports and self-sufficiency

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