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Safeya Mounir's Articles
The government is targeting increasing exports and industrial and agricultural output in a new economic reform programme

The temporary blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship is unlikely to negatively impact Egypt’s economy

The 'New Delta' land project announced this week will help boost Egypt’s agricultural exports and self-sufficiency

Egypt’s private-sector workers are waiting in line for an increase in their minimum wage commensurate with that of state employees

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on a new real estate initiative targeted at people on low and middle incomes

Safeya Mounir investigates the impact of a decision to hike the fees on fertiliser exports

The Central Bank of Egypt has made it easier for investors to acquire loans for real estate in a move meant to stimulate the sector

A partial recovery is expected in the real-estate sector this year, helped by a substantial drop in interest rates

New efforts are being made to boost economic and trade relations between Egypt and Sudan

The decision by the Central Bank of Egypt to ban the banks from distributing profits will have little effect on stock values

The Egyptian pound is holding its ground despite the economic fallout from the coronavirus

Al-Ahram Weekly tracks the development of Egypt’s state-subsidy and social-protection programmes over the past decade to ensure that support is delivered to those who need it most

Economic empowerment and employment opportunities remain two of the foremost challenges for people with special needs in Egypt

Poverty rates in Egypt were down in the 2019-20 financial year, according to CAPMAS research

US tech giant Google has decided to build its new fibre-optic cable outside Egypt’s regional waters

Eleven companies will soon begin mining for gold in Egypt’s Eastern Desert

Can the new deals being offered to customers by Egypt’s real-estate companies save the market from a slump, asks Safeya Mounir

Households receiving cash support from Egypt’s social-protection programmes can now receive help with their children’s university education

A government initiative to pay export-subsidy arrears will help Egypt’s exporters to expand their investments and increase production

Increased coronavirus infections across the world are threatening Egypt’s tourism sector

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