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Safeya Mounir's Articles

A further increase in the price of gas canisters is a serious matter for those depending on them

Import tariffs on European cars are to be eliminated, but this is unlikely to lead to cheaper prices for consumers

A new law will soon be ratified to increase transparency and decrease corruption in government transactions

Safeya Mounir gauges interest in Aman life insurance seven weeks after its introduction

Egypt’s cement market has regained its balance with increased supply and lower prices

Russian flights have resumed to Cairo after a two-year ban, renewing hopes of further boosts to Egypt’s tourism sector

Recent hikes in the prices of steel and cement, reaching almost LE13,000 per ton and LE1,100 per ton, respectively, will likely lead to knock-on effects in the real estate market, experts said this week

As the Central Bank of Egypt continues to cut interest rates, experts are warning that further reductions could be a double-edged sword

Travel agencies present at this month’s ITB Berlin travel show reported increased demand for Egyptian travel destinations

Seasonal and temporary workers can now buy life insurance with the benefits going to their heirs

Controversy has been rife over the decision to impose additional fees on repeat pilgrims to Mecca

Safeya Mounir examines a new life insurance plan designed for lower-income groups

Social housing and more quality residences have been the focus of government efforts in housing over the past four years, with special attention paid to shantytowns

Improved economic indicators suggest the difficult reforms enacted in late 2016 are starting to pay off

The key to industrial success may lie in a new policy of industrial clusters


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