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The hope is to end this current war in Ukraine, but the reality is escalation and more tension between the west and Russia on the Ukrainian territories.

The Brussels attacks illustrate the failure of European security and intelligence forces to confront and eliminate the threat of radicalised Islamist extremists

The probe that the UK conducted into the activities and ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK appears more as a political show than a serious attempt to examine the group and its potential dangers

The Paris tragedy highlights the danger posed by radical Islamists in France and the West

Shared interests define Egypt-UK relations and are likely to reveal themselves during President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s impending visit to the UK

Europe cannot solve the problem for Syrian refugees on its own. The Gulf states must do more

Recent attacks in Egypt, Tunisia, Kuwait and France, set against the backdrop of the 10th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings, indicate that terrorism will long remain a nightmare in need of coordinated international action

Hundreds of British Muslims have travelled to Syria in order to join the Islamic State militant group

The victory of the UK Conservative party defied all predictions. Yet the win alone will not mean the coming five years will be plain-sailing for the new Cameron government

The British parliamentary elections that will be held on 7 May could lead to a minority government. No party is confident to receive the majority, which is 326 seats out of 650

Using force to achieve political goals is a cornerstone of Muslim Brotherhood ideology, including the new Qutbists emerging now. But more is needed from the state than responding with force alone

As brutal as it is, ISIL has a number of factors behind it that suggest, when combined, that this organisation will not easily be defeated and could loom on the scene for years

Kuwait has played an important role lately on the humanitarian and political fronts in the Arab region, one that has helped smooth over tensions and bolstered Arab unity

The best way to confront the Islamic State group in Iraq is to undercut its sources of recruitment and support, by dealing with perceived marginalisation among Iraqi Arab Sunnis

The recent gathering of world religious leaders in Bahrain to discuss understanding between civilisations is a good beginning, but a practical agenda is needed to make dialogue the theme of the decade

The Arab Summit, held in Kuwait 25-26 March, ended with some success. But key issues — especially Qatari-Egyptian relations, and Syria — did not witness progress

Kuwait is optimistic for the upcoming Arab summit, but the challenges facing Arab leaders are grave

To what extent can the Geneva 2 conference help the Syrian cause and end Syrians' misery?

There is an urgent need for a third way that tackles the shortcomings of the current political scene in Egypt

Despite the barefaced use of violence by pro-Morsi supporters, the West chooses to perceive them as the victimized turtledoves of peace and democracy

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