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While eradicating Hamas remains Israel’s main goal in its war on Gaza, the Arabs face some daunting choices over post-war arrangements.

The Palestinians will inevitably connect the catastrophe of 1948 with the present Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

The US has moved from closer ties with Israel to blind support for its genocidal goals under Biden, writes Salah Nasrawi

An Arab Jewish historian reflects on his past in a new work of autobiography, while at the same time providing food for thought on the present Israeli war on Gaza

The primary goal of a potential Saudi-US-Israeli deal is not peace. It’s coping with a changing Middle East, writes Salah Nasrawi

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is piling up the pressure on Iraq even as he enters a new era of reaching out to the country’s neighbours.

Syria’s return to the Arab fold is not working well as Al-Assad remains adamant.

Despite regional realignment, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are squaring off over gas and territory at the northern tip of the Arabian Gulf.

Multiple challenges have left Iraq dangerously exposed, with business as usual likely to remain out of reach.

The aborted mutiny by the leader of the Wagner Group mercenaries has showed a new glimpse of Russia’s standing in the Middle East

Things have been going wrong for the Iraqi Kurds after big boosts over the past two decades, with their influence in Baghdad dwindling and other reverses.

Iraq’s return to the regional stage is being challenged by its political and economic vulnerability and the competing interests of rival powers, writes Salah Nasrawi

Expectations from summit meetings of Arab leaders have always been modest, but the last gathering in Jeddah showed something like exhaustion

Though a new regional order is being shaped, there is little reason to believe that any strategic realignment will emanate from this week’s Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia.

All eyes are on how the outcome of next month’s crucial elections in Turkey could reshape the regional order.

A supposed détente between Middle Eastern foes is taking shape, suggesting the region is going back to normal.

Iran-Saudi thawing means less regional tension, but big uncertainty clouds over a successful reset,.

Ripple effects from the US-led invasion of Iraq continue to take heavy toll.

The political impact from last week’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria could be enormous, but predicting what types of fallouts is another matter, writes Salah Nasrawi

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