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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws on congress' support of Israel's right over Jerusalem to push ahead with plans to underline its place in the state

Talks focused on implementing a recent Palestinian reconciliation agreement run into a snag on who should anoint the upcoming unity government

The Israeli media reveals that numerous Israel companies have links to Iran's energy sector, which feeds its nuclear programme

Fisherman in Gaza subjected to armed attacks by the Israeli navy ask for security and an end to the maritime siege

Israeli right-wing leader believes a Palestinian state in Jordan is the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

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Travel planes of Israeli politicians affected by a fear of Hezbollah and al-Qaeda attacks in response to past assassinations of their respective leaders

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Israeli intelligence accused of facilitating the smuggling of booby-trapped weapons into Gaza that explode upon use or testing

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Lauded by settlers and derided by commentators, the US president's AIPAC speech is portrayed as a victory for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Aiming to calm down tensions, Obama has promised Netanyahu to lobby against recognition of a Palestinian state, sources say

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Israeli experts tell media that US president's new peace plan serves Israel's right wing interests, making expansion possible

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called attention to the vulnerability of existing networks in Israel, promising to face all hacker threats

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Israel TV reveals some of the text in a letter signed by hundreds of rabbis in Israel asking the White House to terminate ‘the independent Palestinian state idea’

Palestinian Facebook groups call for a new march on Friday from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank to Israeli borders to demand the right for refugees to return

With Fayyad out of the premiership race, Fatah has put forth ex-foreign minister Ziyad Abu Amr, a figure strictly refused by Hamas

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The former US envoy to the Middle East viewed Barack Obama's foreign policy advisor has an obstacle to peace, according to a senior PLO figure

Palestinian Authority agrees to resume negotiations in exchange for a settlement freeze and an Israeli announcement that 1967 borders are the basis for discussions

PLO factions have reached a consensus on current Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as their candidate to lead the transitional national unity government being formed under the recent accord between Fatah and Hamas

Sixty-three years after the Nakba, Palestinian refugees still hold onto 'kawasheen' documents of the land from which they were expelled

Israeli strategic planners are struggling to confront the ramifications of the Arab democratic revolutions, with some saying the moment is akin to the eve of World War II

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SMS flood Palestinian mobile phones in an attempt to ignite the third Palestinian intifada on Friday, with a series of events planned at the Al Aqsa mosque and elsewhere in the West Bank

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