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Israeli army acknowledges its failure to free kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit

Palestinian prime minister is accused by analysts of using Israel's decision to block tax revenues to bolster his own standing and undermine the unity government

Foreign policy chief fears Gaza isn’t secure enough to host Abbas without social reconciliation between West Bank and Gaza families

The number of Palestinians denied passage through the Rafah crossing following the Egyptian revolution has increased threefold, claims the Egyptian head of the crossing

Reports suggest that Ismail Haniyah will be nominated by Hamas as its candidate for the role of speaker in the Palestinian Parliament, which should be passed by their legislative majority

Egyptian move would consolidate new diplomatic relations between Gaza Hamas and Cairo while EU offers its support for the recent reconciliation deal between Palestinian factions

While it was understood last week that Salam Fayyad would be ruled out as a future prime minister in a unified Palestinian government, President Abbas is now pushing in that exact direction

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The Cast Lead Operation commander speaks bluntly on the Israel's view of Gaza as an 'ideal training zone' for its soldiers and weaponry

An interim Palestinian government is in the cards and would include independent personalities from major international institutions, says Sama News Agency

Palestinians in Hebron continue to suffer further indignation at the hands of the Israeli occupation

A leading figure in Islamic Jihad announces that the group will take part in the signing ceremony of the national reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas

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Internet activists aim to create awareness among Palestinians of the harm done by buying Israeli products

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A recording reveals Israeli leaders countering the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation signing to take place in 3 days by calling for annexation of the West Bank

His political advisor confirms Abbas is to go to Gaza before month's end, but Israel puts a wrench, blocking Fatah’s envoy from crossing into Gaza three days before the reconciliation agreement is to be signed in Egypt

Reconciliation has brought about a new media policy, focusing on the "positives" of agreement between rival Palestinian factions

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An internal Israeli policy report opines that Palestinian national reconciliation is a mortal threat to US and Israeli regional interests

Israel's foreign minister announces that the Palestinian Authority's reconciliation deal with Hamas has put its leaders' freedom of movement in jeopardy, as well as Israeli national security

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Israeli military prepares to maintain blockade of Gaza

Israel, which enjoys below-market gas prices from Egypt after Camp David Accords, considers alternatives to Egyptian gas flow in light of recent pipeline bombings and political winds of change

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Harking back to the Vietnamese tunnels of Củ Chi, the Israel occupation forces announce the construction of a subterranean fortress and outline plans to storm Hezbollah's very own tunnel network

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