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The PA plans to introduce an independent currency, unfettering itself from the economic shackles brought on by the Paris accords in 1995

Israeli planes destroy audio-visual spying devices in Gaza, sources tell Ahram Online

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Israeli governmental source says that looming international recognition of Palestine would dub Israel a 'coloniser,' which would lead to its expulsion from international organisations and force an economic boycott upon it

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An Israeli report describes the electronic warfare their intelligence agencies have been carrying out against the Arab world, listing examples and the roughly 300 experts they rely on

Solidarity activists are to sail Palestinian fishermen to provide them with protection and to monitor the violations committed against them, which undermine their precarious livelihoods

The fall or teetering of friendly regimes in the Arab world presents Israel with a dilemma more pressing than mere diplomacy

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Medical examinations point to the continued use of prohibited weapons by Israel in Gaza

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Palestinians, outraged over the brutal killing of Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni, say only Israel stands to benefit, and demand that once caught the culprits, whoever they may be, should be hanged

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Egypt's new foreign minister, Nabil El-Arabi, is expected to visit Gaza amid growing Israeli hysteria over signs of a shift in post-revolution Egypt's regional and international posture

Accused of short-changing contractors, several donor states are reconsidering how they fund development projects overseen by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad

Israeli prime minister orders a halt in settlement expansion ahead of a proposed visit by US inspectors as Obama comes under renewed criticism for bowing to pressure by interest groups

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Palestinian body warns of an attempt to erase old city's Arab heritage

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A reported willingness by the White House to vote for the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN signals unprecedented trust issues with Netanyahu's government and will likely exacerbate US-Israeli relations

Egyptian gas sold to Israel is not finding its way to Gaza, as the Israeli authorities impose tight restrictions on import of essential commodities

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Efraim Halevy, former head of Israeli intelligence,links recent pro-Gaza protests and the broader Arab pro-democracy movements to shifts in Israel's strategic environment

Israel's success in intercepting Hamas rockets has given the country greater scope for deterring the Palestinian movement

Sources in Gaza tell Ahram Online that Egyptian and UN mediators have succeeded in bringing Israeli and Hamas negotiators together to discuss the terms of a ceasefire

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Israel closes a fourth Gaza crossing after preventing the passage of vital material into Gaza, triggering fears of an impending humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territory

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The Israeli army plans to step-up its assassination campaigns to deter the Palestinian resistance

Media reports are indicating that Israel's intelligence services have been put on high alert following tense political developments in Lebanon, though sources believe Hezbollah is handling the crisis fittingly

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