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Attacks on Gaza that have killed 18 since Friday were designed to embarrass Hamas, force it to choose between resistance and power

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Worried over the state's future, Israelis are keener than ever to obtain dual-citizenship, says a university study

Following Saturday's easing of the blockade on Gaza through opening the Rafah border crossing, Palestinian officials claim that some of the old restrictions on travellers have been reimposed

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Settlement named in honour of the US president forms part of an initiative aiming to Judaise Jerusalem

The new law is expected to pass over the coming weeks due to the domination of right-wing and religious parties in the Knesset

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Israeli commentators say opening the crossing violates the Camp David agreement because it puts Israel's security at risk

Plans are moving ahead for the rebuilding of Gaza following Palestinian reconciliation, with a $1 billion fund earmarked for the effort

Police criticised in Israel for leaving the comments in plain view for days

Fatah and Hamas take the first steps to implement their reconcialation agreement with the setting up of a body to pave the way for a new security force

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Turkey allows flotilla to use its port when it sets out in May and warns Israel against repeating last year's fatal attack on the Mavi Marmara

Crooked officials come under greater scrutiny as the Palestinian Authority's anti-corruption unit looks to prosecute those responsible for embezzling funds

Sources suggest that progress is being made after previous mediator Conrad failed to impress Hamas

Three suspects in the murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni are barricaded in a house in the Gaza Strip, one of them threatening to explode a bomb if police approach

While Israel tries to convince neighbouring countries to dissuade a 15-ship flotilla to sail from their ports, they work a proposal to allow it on condition of an int'l inspection team

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American sources indicate that, for the first time, the US will not use hold back from condemning Israeli settlement construction in the Security Council

Media reports indicate that the first of many Jewish families, fleeing Tunisia due to the unrest, arrived in Israel on Wednesday

The closure of Gaza's largest commercial crossing is leading to panic and a looming humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip as wheat stocks run out

Israel admits concerns that the recently discovered massive gas reserves could be the target of attacks while Lebanon claims sovereignty over the larger field

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