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Egypt’s new aid package and its conditions, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the omission of key US key allies from Obama's speech: all came under discussion at a media roundtable with the US ambassador to Egypt

Ambassador tells Ahram Online the US is consulting Egyptian government and civil society to decide the best targets for aid and development loans

Thursday address will hail Egypt's importance as a regional leader and the influence of its revolution on democratic movements

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US officials say measures to be announced on Thursday will be far bolder than previous economic assistance to the region

Changes among leading personnel and a regional tour by the market's chairman help fuel another day of solid gains

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Declarations for national unity following Saturday's violence against Copts and solidarity with Palestinians ahead of Nakba Day paint Tahrir and draw in a diverse crowd

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By comparing and contrasting the experiences of Georgia, Indonesia and Chile after their own revolutions, a seminar on Egypt's transitional phase offers both advice and reassurance for the challenges ahead

Exhausted from the latest fatal sectarian attacks on two churches Saturday night, Ahram Online witnesses bouts of fighting to sobbing and hears the demands and fears of Copts at their protest at the state media building

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The case of Ezz Steel is the classic example of how political power meshed with monopolistic business strategies to create personal empires amid a shaky national economy

Taxi drivers demand compensation for defective cars bought from the government while their protest takes a bloody turn

Egypt's Monday session scores biggest gains in two weeks, mimicking most of the world's stock exchanges, especially after the news of bin Laden’s death

The quarterly monitor issued by the UNCTAD reveals that Egypt's outgoing FDI jumped significantly in 2010

Bourse benchmark sees a slight gain of 0.19 per cent Thursday as investors wait for favourable political developments

Egypt's benchmark stock index rose by over 2.52 per cent on Tuesday, increasing for the first time this trading week

The mood outside Hosni Mubarak's Sharm El-Sheikh hospital is mixed as a desire to see him lead off in handcuffs is undercut by a fear that protests could wipe out the tourist economy

Main indices end the week on a red note following disappointing company results

Net reserves dropped LE3 billion in three months to reach the lowest level in three years

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