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Thousands of protesters gather in Tahrir Square and in front of the Radio and TV headquarters today to express anger over the anti-protest law and lack of a free media

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Egyptian tycoons on trial for corruption are offering to pay back funds misappropriated during the Mubarak regime. Will their offers be accepted?

With Egypt’s stock market closed for seven weeks now, financial analysts are divided over the bourse's role in the country's economy

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The Mansours, one of whom is facing corruption charges, make it on the Forbes list for the first time, along with the Sawiris family

While the month on month figures are stable, analysts predict a dark toll looming

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In the wake of the 18 day uprising, Egyptians begin to call for a public takeover of state media organs considered to be part and parcel of the widely loathed regime

AIB, which falls outside the control of Egypt's Central Bank, stands accused of shifting huge flows of capital, and even the ill-gotten gains of members of the former regime

Bank employees are moving to unify demands in response to Central Bank negotiations initiative

Ahram Online examines the path the Egyptian economy was on before the uprising on 25th January

Mixed economic and political messages keep investors from jumping in to the market

Despite the drama of the Tunisian crisis, the Arab Economic Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh made no mention of Tunisia in its final resolution

Bank's managing director announces loan during speech at Arab economic summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, one day after signing memorandum with Arab League

Ahram Online has compiled a list of Arab heads of states and leaders attending the summit, as no official list was announced

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are still the biggest contributers to the fund

With Minister Rachid backing of business sector and liberal economy, and with recent food and price crises erupting in several Arab countries, businessmen now have more power and a bigger stage to voice their opinion

Six proposals and projects are on the table as Arab leaders convene in Sharm El Sheikh today, Wednesday. Focus is mainly on accelerating the implementation of already approved inter-regional projects

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In an interview with Ahram Online on the eve of the Arab Economic Summit, World Bank MENA vice-president, Shamshad Akhtar, warns against high rates of unemployment and slow rates of growth

In preparatory meetings ahead of the 2nd Arab Economic Summit, Rachid addresses Tunisian crisis

World Bank report optimistic about growth in the MENA region for the next two years despite the slow recovery of the global economy

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While the private sector chooses to develop lucrative luxury housing, the crisis in low budget housing continues

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