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Official report reveals a huge drop in job opportunities while the number of unemployed falls according to the statistics agency

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Islamic insurance has been steadily growing as a "Halal" alternative for commercial insurance that some believe to be illegal and risky

Marriage of politics and business, allegations of nepotism, favouring the rich. Palm Hills Development has been hailed as a job-creating engine of growth, and damned as yet another example of crony capitalism

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Egyptians celebrate Ashura today, a traditional dish with a long history

A bankruptcy petition has been filed against Egypt's most famous department stores, Omar Effendi, for unpaid furniture bills

An Egyptian court has postponed the review of Palm Hills Development case until 4 January, 2011

Oil demand forecast for 2011 has increased as consumption is expected to rise in developed countries

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Global price hikes are beginning to hit Egypt hard and some factories say they are forced to shut down production lines

$80m in investments id too little for Egypt-Ghana relations, says Ambassador Omar at the Ghana-Egypt Trade and Investment Seminar.

Challenges to the small enterprise sector in Egypt and the MENA region are the focus of a two-day conference in Cairo that kicks-off today

Leading Tagammu Party members call for a vote of no confidence in the party's chairman, accusing him of betraying the party rank and file over Egypt's elections.

A divide deepened inside Al-Tagammu Party with the fight being waged for the direction it will take in this year's second round of the elections and beyond

The acquisition of Omar Effendi department stores is at stake as the previous owner is accused of non-payment of back taxes. The Tax Authority seized control on Wednesday from the previous Saudi owner, Anwal.

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The fizzy water industry contributes LE5.2 billion to the Egyptian economy, with more than 173,000 job opportunities.

Civil servant wages contribute to Egypt's widening budget deficit

Two female candidates that participated in Sunday's parliamentary elections have gone on hunger strike protesting election fraud

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A girl, who passed away in 1990, was about to vote for NDP candidate Kamal Moussa

Fraud is not an option in these elections, says Diaa Rashwan, political analyst and leftist Tagammu candidate for the Upper Egypt constituency of Armant

In some constituencies in Egypt's legislative elections, the favoured candidate is the one who lives elsewhere

At Qena voting stations, Copts and Muslims turn up

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