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Rescue team manages to save five ships, according to the Suez Canal Authority's operations unit, as accident investigators head to the scene

Egyptian stocks continue their slide despite the swearing-in of the long awaited new cabinet, finishing the week in the red

Egypt’s Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's 'uncertain' cabinet reshuffle, intended to absorb anger in Tahrir Square, appears to have made the country's political landscape more complex

A businessman is set to take charge of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in absence of any law regulating conflicts of interest. Another case of deja vu?

Saudi Arabians successfully force the kingdom's top producer, owned by the royal family, to cut milk prices

Suez workers were promised their colleagues will be released and demands met soon

A group of Cairo activists are on their way to Suez to join in solidarity with the sit-in there following the release of policemen accused of killing protesters

Suez protesters, joining a sit-in staged by martyrs' families, are gearing towards a "second revolution" on Persistence Friday, as the situation in city grows dangerously combustible

The windows of the Suez police headquarters have been smashed, with rock fights erupting regularly, as clashes between citizens and security forces continue

Workers from the Suez canal authority and shipyard have announced that they will be joining the martyrs' families sit-in at El Arbaeen district

Protestors are storming police headquarters near the Suez court building, angry over a decision freeing officers accused of killing January demonstrators

Labourers consider upping the ante in their 3-week strike at the critically strategic Suez Canal after negotiations with the canal authority 'gods' screech to a halt

Costs of supplies, equipment and maintenance are rising along with patient numbers, forcing doctors at the National Heart Institute to court charity to bridge a growing financial gap

Feeling betrayed and dissatisfied with the current government's policy towards cases of illegal state land acquisition, leading lawyer and activist Hamdy El-Fakharani drops his drawn-out battle against PHD and Kingdom Holding

Two revolutions in the offing, yet with soaring production costs and steep loans, Egypt's farmers are still as troubled as ever before

Cairo's financial supervisory authority has approved a proposal for issuing Islamic bonds in a bid to attract further Arab investment

According to an Egyptian court, telecommunications companies were not surprised by Mubarak's orders to shut down services; they first practiced shutdowns at the request of government officials during the 2008 Mahalla uprising

Benchmark takes a dip as overseas investors react to Morgan Stanley's decision to delist industrial heavyweights from its index

Three Egyptian ministries and a slew of associates planned and practiced how to severe Egypt's mobile, internet and communications services years before 25 January, according to an administrative court verdict

Director of Egyptian Center for Economic Studies says money is much-needed, but questions remain over the conditions Egypt will have to meet

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