Salma Shukrallah's Articles

Large numbers of middle-income Egyptians who once lived securely above poverty levels can no longer be sure of the future as economic reforms, falling pound and out of control inflation changes life as we knew it

After years of work, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute launched on Tuesday the Sanduq El-Dunia

The project to extend the canal was completed in a year, and is being hailed by the Egyptian government as 'Egypt's gift to the world'

Renovation plans for Cairo's Downtown are underway, revealing fault lines in the city centre's identity

The Cairo Governor gave one months notice for either antiquities ministry to register house or it would continue to face demolition

Cairo governor gives one month for a solution to be found to save the inhabited 19th-century building

Egypt’s upcoming cybercrimes law may be backed by security experts, but activists warn that it may be used to further silence criticism

Political parties, students, artists and union activists kick off the BDS Egypt chapter at the Journalists syndicate

While no interference in Egypt's internal affairs should be tolerated, court decisions to isolate Hamas only put obstacles in the way of Egypt's national security interests, Abdallah El-Sennawy tells Ahram Online

With billions promised in investment and aid at the Sharm conference, the details of the deals signed are yet to be made clear

New media laws, new syndicate laws and imprisoned journalists on list of challenges facing syndicate board to be voted on Friday

The fate of Egypt-Palestine relations is unclear after a court in Cairo labeled Hamas a terrorist group