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One officer was killed and three other police personnel were injured during a shootout

Most refugees in Egypt are reliant on daily wages or are domestic workers, and these are among the forms of employment that are hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic

Stranded abroad or hardly made it back home, four young Egyptian expats share with Ahram Online their stories, fears and frustrations

The country's total number of infections reaches 985 while the death toll climbs to 66

Pictures of of beaches packed with people in Ain Sokhna and Alexandria were circulated on social media over the weekend causing a lot of controversy

Egypt has prepared 27 hospitals in 27 governorates to treat coronavirus cases but so far has used six with an occupancy rate not exceeding 50 to 60 percent, Zayed said

Egypt's Health Minister Hala Zayed urged Egyptians on Wednesday to "stay at home" to help slow the spread of the virus

Egypt is one of several countries who have sent Italy medical masks and other medical supplies to help it deal with the world's the worst coronavirus outbreak

The supermarket retailer stressed it has reserves that will last for months

It also issued a warning to a New York Times correspondent for what it described as 'professional misconduct'

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