Sarah Elhosary's Articles

As Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has recently celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary, Al-Ahram Weekly sheds light on its characteristic rituals and vestments

More and more funerals are using digital technology to honour the departed.

New designs and tools are elevating cake-making into an art form in Egypt.

Controversy has erupted over a new law labelling some popular dog breeds aggressive and banning their ownership in Egypt.

More and more people are leaving traditional jobs and turning to freelancing and small business ownership to cope with inflation and currency fluctuations.

Puppet-making is becoming more and more attractive to many young people as puppets become more present on TV and in advertising campaigns, reports Sarah Elhosary

The makers of Egypt’s Ramadan lanterns are preserving their deep-rooted traditions despite recent price hikes.

Chef Hala Fahmi shares authentic recipes and saving tricks from her grandmother’s kitchen to help people prepare for Ramadan in an interview with Sarah Elhosary

Sarah Elhosary seeks to discover what the business needs to improve production and exports

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Al-Ahram Weekly looks into the rising number of Egyptian women opting to freeze their eggs.

Surgical modification, medication, and therapy to combat obesity are all prompting debate on how to treat the condition today.

Calls for a return to nature are increasing amid the hectic pace of modern life, including through the revitalising techniques of horticultural therapy

New-born photography is becoming more and more popular among parents in Egypt eager to capture their children’s early days.

Moves are afoot to make the licensing of food trucks easier, helping to encourage this important city business, reports Sarah Elhosary

Three contemporary Egyptian designers are reviving the legacy of ancient Egypt through a set of new fashion designs, writes Sarah Elhosary

As the prosthetics industry continues to grow in Egypt, what are the needs of some of its users.