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Last week brought a handful of good news on the economy.

Two devaluations, a new IMF deal, and multi-billion dollars’ worth of asset sales to Gulf investors are some of the features of the economic scene on the year of the war.

The Egyptian stock market has been doing healthy business since October’s devaluation.

Egypt is aiming for a four-fold increase in the contribution of renewables to its power mix by 2030. Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the pursuit of greener energy.

The Central Bank of Egypt is taking measures to support the Egyptian pound as inflation continues to rise

Businessmen are hoping for quick relief to overcome the country’s economic challenges, report Niveen Wahish and Sherine Abdel-Razek

While the number of social assistance programmes is increasing, questions remain about how efficient they are in distributing resources.

With a new governor at the helm of the Central Bank of Egypt, Al-Ahram Weekly examines likely changes to monetary policy.

Recent rises in US interest rates are driving the dollar higher against other world currencies, including the Egyptian pound.

Experts explain how people with limited savings can weather the repercussions of higher inflation and a weaker pound to Al-Ahram Weekly.

The reasons behind Egypt’s ballooning foreign debt may be here to stay.

The UAE made major investments in Egyptian listed companies in a series of deals this week.

Ramadan is around the corner, and for the third year running the holy month will play out against an exceptional backdrop.

You can be forgiven if you felt that Monday was like a rerun of November 2016. Then, the government announced the launch of a raft of economic reforms and the pound lost half its value overnight. This time round, the Egyptian pound has again slid in the face of government announcements, depreciating by 16 per cent in one day.

Egypt’s new Mazut Hydrocracking Complex in Assiut has secured $1.5 billion in loans from local and international banks, writes Sherine Abdel-Razek

A leading Emirati lender wants to buy EFG-Hermes, Egypt’s largest investment bank.

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