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Re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron may continue to surprise in his foreign-policy pronouncements, writes Tewfick Aclimandos

French President Emmanuel Macron will face extreme-right leader Marine Le Pen in the second round of the country’s presidential elections in a re-run of the contest that brought him to power five years ago, writes Tewfick Aclimandos

There may be a surprise result in this weekend’s first round of the French presidential elections, writes Al-Ahram Weekly

There is a window of opportunity for reform in Lebanon following the Beirut explosion earlier this month, but formidable obstacles remain

Regional and international powers like Turkey and Russia are likely to try to exploit the reduced foreign weight of the European Union in order to achieve their aims

Those who truly want to become familiar with Egyptian affairs deserve better than groundless stereotypes, writes Tewfick Aclimandos

Are there other comparisons that could be made when trying to understand Egypt’s historical experience, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

What is the right comparison to make when trying to understand Egypt’s historical experience, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

What do we really know about the Egyptian state and its institutions, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

Is the West still a reliable international partner for Egypt

In a world that is becoming more and more uncertain, which international relations strategy should Egypt choose

Was US President Donald Trump right to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran

Do people trust each other too much or not enough in Egypt, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

What could an imagined dystopia tell us about contemporary politics, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

Every year at about this time, many people’s thoughts turn to former president Gamal Abdel-Nasser and the revolution that founded the modern Egyptian state

Personal rivalries among top politicians can explain the current shape of French politics, writes Tewfick Aclimandos

French President Emmanuel Macron has recovered his self-confidence, but this may not be enough to tackle the French malaise

Being largely irrelevant to European trade did not mean being unknown, as a new history of the Saudi city of Jeddah reveals

The international media coverage of Egypt is often blatantly unfair, explaining why many are often right to lose their patience with it

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