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Patients and medical centres alike struggle with the ethical questions around sex selection as more advanced genetic profiling becomes popular in Egypt

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Stray animals in Egypt's cities often suffer horrible abuse. But committed volunteer rescuers offer hope, against the odds

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To mark World Autism Awareness Day, Ahram Online speaks to parents of autistic children about the challenges they face

For leading figures of Egypt's 1970s student movement, the eruption of revolution in Tahrir Square on 25 January 2011 was the culmination of a long struggle — one they say must continue

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Ending a life of brutal service, some of Egypt's donkeys meet gruesome fates, with others abandoned in desert lands. When alive, they fare little better, often facing abuse that amounts to torture

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Grief has replaced wedding bells at a Cairo church where a Sunday drive-by shooting killed at least four wedding attendees

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Despite decades of planning for Egypt's eventual transition into an Islamic state, only two years of post-revolution politics appear to have put paid to the Muslim Brotherhood's longed-for Islamist renaissance

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Post-revolution Egypt has suffered from rising sectarian violence, Ahram Online investigates the history of troubles between the country's Muslim and Christian communities

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After almost two years, gang sexual assaults on female protesters in Tahrir Square are starting to gain public attention

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Egypt's silent majority also known as the 'Couch Party' joins the revolution after increasing public discontent with President Mohamed Morsi's decisions

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Ahram Online hits the street to ask non-partisan Egyptians about their views on the upcoming constitutional referendum

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In Nile Delta city of Damanhour, both sides - the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Morsi protesters - claim slain 15-year-old protester as martyr to their respective cause

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Ahram Online looks at the toll Egypt's crumbling public health system has taken on the lives of patients and doctors, and talks to those who are trying to change things

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Long time Brotherhood leader and Freedom and Justice Party deputy, Essam El-Erian submits resignation from his position as presidential aide after lawsuit with TV personality Jihan Mansour

Muslim Brotherhood's Saad El-Katatni beats out rival Essam El-Erian with 67 pct of the vote in Freedom and Justice Party's first-ever election for party president

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Seven years after the Judges' Intifada, Egypt's judiciary is still fighting for independence from the executive branch and culturally-ingrained habits

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One year after the Maspero massacre, where 27 protesters were killed during clashes with Egypt's army, Ahram Online pays tribute to the Egyptian activist slain at the age of 20

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Lawyer Mohamed Hamed Salem takes legal action aimed at having YouTube blocked in Egypt until all anti-Islam content is removed from leading video-sharing website

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Mohamed Wadie, last '8 April officer' to remain in military detention, issues online appeal to Egyptian public for release, alleges mistreatment by prison officials

Cafe-owners in the Bourse area - popular amongst activists - accuse the government of trying to bring in street vendors so their businesses suffer and activists are left without a meeting place

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